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Bebuo Christianne Ewa, MSW, PCC is the founder and head coach at Christianne & Co. and the mastermind behind The Executive Playground Experience.  She is a an executive coach, life coach, social worker, visionary, and a leader who creates spaces that make you feel seen, safe, held and heard. Her assessment and behavioral skills, growth and management experience, and accountability methods make her well-rounded and powerful support for executives who find themselves burned out or in need of new creative ways to think, lead or live powerfully.⁠

Bebuo is most known for her ability to deliver painful feedback in the most productive but humorous ways that clients grow to love and cherish.  Bebuo partners with clients to identify more impactful leadership skills that transition into higher revenue, increased retention rates, and higher rewards. These skills enhance the client’s leadership style and are also transformative and supportive for direct reports, peers, and the organization as a whole.⁠

Her greatest gift is her ability to create space for people to bring their authentic truths, so they can powerfully reflect and decide what’s next.


Bebuo's signature powerplay coaching resource for elite leaders.

The Executive Playground (EP) Experience is a place for leaders to explore and experiment taking action that is actually going to make a difference.  From discovering what self-care works for them to practicing those hard, awkward-but-necessary conversations in a safe space, the EP Experience provides a sounding board for creating goals, accountability, support structures, and perspective shifts that help leaders make significant impact without sacrificing their well-being. 

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Whether you are looking for a motivational speaker to entertain and inspire or are interested in a mindset workshop to inspire creativity and next-level thinking, Bebuo offers both.


Bebuo Christianne is a vibrant, humorous personality who speaks to people’s hearts motivating through humanity and play, challenging leaders and youth alike, to see beyond where they stop in order to access new possibilities for themselves.

Workshop Programs Often Include:

  • Laughter Yoga

  • Team building activities

  • Strengths & weaknesses assessment

  • Group facilitated coaching conversation - Determining your world view and how it sabotages you.


Frequently Requested Topics:

  • Offensive VS Defensive Leadership

  • Reinvesting Trauma

  • Resilient Minds - A Power Play (The possibility of embracing failure.)

  • Creating Cultures Of Belonging

  • The Power Of Celebration




Interested in 1:1 executive leadership, life coaching, or team coaching? Make an inquiry to receive more information or to get started today. 



Are you a coach interested in hiring a coach? Request information for mentor coaching needs.

Online Learning


Brilliance Over Perfection

A coach-led course to authenticity and acceptance.

The Power of Play

A mental resiliency course for leaders.

Crafts Supplies


Reinvesting Energy Workbook

Identify stories from your past that are getting in your way and envision what your life could look like if you let them go before you moved forward.

New York Office



"Because you aren't in this alone."

Christianne & Co. was named as such because our founder knows the value of good company and knows that no one person can do everything alone. It was founded in 2016 as a small business providing coaching to individuals virtually and expanded with the times to grow to work with Fortune 500 leaders and companies in tech, goods, travel, and more. If you are looking for straight forward accountability structures, a coach committed to your success, unfiltered support, and actionable structures, Christianne and Co. has the coach for you.

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Jason Frazell

Brand Strategist & Coach


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