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Christianne & Co. provides comprehensive services for leaders and professionals at all stages of their careers. From individual coaching to team and group issues, we offer a range of services that cater to your unique needs.  Our workshops, keynotes, and retreats are available both virtually and in-person to ensure that you receive the support you need in the way you need it.

What Makes Us Different

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Whole Person Approach

At the core of our work is a focus on the individual, regardless of the size of the group.  We strive to keep attendees engaged by directly addressing their beliefs, values, perspectives, and needs.  Our approach to training and development is centered around the whole person.

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High Quality Transformation

Our emphasis is on experiential techniques that facilitate high-quality transformational change.  We foster meaningful development by challenging professionals to reflect and grow in the moment through reflective questions that everyone can connect to.

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Strong Foundation

Our organization was founded by an MWBE Brooklyn-born entrepreneur with a background in psychology, social work, and ontological coaching.

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Multi-Lingual Team

On staff, we have coaches who speak French, Portuguese, Cantonese, and Spanish.

Speaking at Conference


Whether you are looking for a motivational speaker to entertain and inspire or are interested in a mindset workshop to inspire creativity and next-level thinking, Christianne & Co. offers both.


Bebuo Christianne is a vibrant, humorous personality who speaks to people’s hearts motivating through humanity and play, challenging leaders and youth alike, to see beyond where they stop in order to access new possibilities for themselves.  Her team is comprised of coaches that have been trained in the same coaching methodologies while also bringing their own flair and additional trainings and knowledge to the transformative process.

Workshop Programs Often Include:

  • Laughter Yoga

  • Team building activities

  • Strengths & weaknesses assessment

  • Group facilitated coaching conversation - Determining your world view and how it sabotages you.


Frequently Requested Topics:

  • Offensive vs. Defensive Leadership

  • Reinvesting Trauma

  • Resilient Minds - A Power Play (The power of embracing failure.)

  • Creating Cultures Of Belonging

  • The Power Of Celebration

  • How to Deliver Feedback

  • Value-Based Leadership

  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Through Play

  • Building Leadership Capacity

  • Emotional Intelligence for Team

  • Authentic Leadership Mapping


Coffee and a Tablet


Interested in 1:1 executive leadership, life coaching, or team coaching? Make an inquiry to receive more information or to get started today and be matched with a coach. 

Fists in Solidarity


Are you INTERESTED in working with my team and I? Send us an email TODAY and share more about your needs.


Brilliance Over Perfection

A coach-led course to authenticity and acceptance.

The Power of Play

A mental resiliency course for leaders.

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Reinvesting Energy Workbook

Identify stories from your past that are getting in your way and envision what your life could look like if you let them go before you moved forward.

Crafts Supplies

Bebuo's signature powerplay coaching resource for elite leaders.

The Executive Playground (EP) Experience is a place for leaders to explore and experiment taking action that is actually going to make a difference.  From discovering what self-care works for them to practicing those hard, awkward-but-necessary conversations in a safe space, the EP Experience provides a sounding board for creating goals, accountability, support structures, and perspective shifts that help leaders make significant impact without sacrificing their well-being. 

Travel Bag
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Pamela Lima

 Coach & Retreat Guide


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