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Meet The Team
Pamela Lima

All About Pamela

Pamela Lima brings dynamic compassion and leadership to the Christianne & Co. team. She was born in Brazil, but the world has become her home. She lived on five continents: Asia, South Africa, South America, North America and Europe. Living in entirely different countries on her own has enhanced how she cultivates and builds relationships.

Growing up in an unhealthy and unstable environment, as a child, Pamela wished to protect and provide for those she loved and to create a happy and fulfilled path.  Doing the work herself, leaving São Paulo at 19 years of age with 200 euros in her pocket, she created her dream life. Today, through coaching, she supports her clients' visions by helping them take concrete steps, transforming visions into realities.


Pamela affirms that efficient communication is a precious tool to use anywhere. For fifteen years, Pamela worked with successful designers, photographers, editors, and elite clients worldwide. Currently, she lives in Portugal and attends clients globally. Pamela speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian. Her clients are successful executives looking for growth and elevation in their life and career. She believes that strong partnerships transform desires into milestones and that transforming business models evolves leaders to be the best version of themselves.

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