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Meet The Team
Meghan Lucas

All About Meghan

Meghan Lucas is Christianne & Co.'s creative designer, ensuring that the mission we hold near and dear to our hearts is communicated with the world in a way that reflects our values and essence.  With an extensive résumé that includes being a published author, successful life, leadership, and executive coach, and even a teacher, Meghan seamlessly brings the wealth of her experiences into the realm of digital content.

Meghan's affinity for design can be traced back to her teenage obsession with the show Trading Spaces, a passion that laid the foundation for her future career as an overall creative presence in the world. In college, she showcased her artistic flair by designing recital posters for classmates, often compensated with Taco Bell. From those humble beginnings, Meghan has evolved into a creative authority.


We love the magic quality Meghan possesses – an ability to transform abstract ideas into vibrant designs that feel like an extended expression of themselves. With over 15 years of experience, Meghan Lucas is not just a digital designer; she is a storyteller, a creative force, and a trusted partner in turning our digital vision into a captivating reality.

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