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Meet The Team
David Namm

All About David

David Namm is an award-winning leadership and human performance coach whose mission is to facilitate life-changing transformations for teams, people, and global leaders. He began his career with the New York Yankees and has since partnered with hundreds of the world's most accomplished people at NASA, Yale University, Palantir, Logitech, numerous Fortune 500 companies, and numerous championship-winning sports teams. He's driven by his belief in the power that each person has to bring positive change to the world; he believes coaching is the key to unlocking that power, and here at Christianne & Co. believe that, too.


David's specialties are aligning game-changing goals with inspired values, enabling sustainable progress, focusing on fulfillment, and sparking exponential growth. His ethos balances positive energy with neutral thinking, empowering the communities he serves to transcend adversity, energize through challenging times, and reframe limiting beliefs into strength accelerators. In addition to one-on-one and team coaching, David delivers keynotes and workshops on leading as a coach, building resilience, energizing your team, accelerating value through growth mindset, empowering personal performance, and investing in your relationships. 

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