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Dionne Nicholls Germain Headshot in the park.png

Meet The Team
Dionne Nicholls Germain

All About Dionne

Dionne Nicholls-Germain, aka “The Joy Coach,” is a professionally trained Life & Leadership Coach with hundreds of hours of coaching experience. Inspired by her own personal story of reinvention, she founded Live Your Best Life for You, a personal development, leadership training, and speaking business serving an international clientele dedicated to supporting executives and entrepreneurs to reach their full potential and excel at work, at home, and in their relationships.

After leaving a 20-year corporate career in fashion as a single mom at 40, it is her belief that ANYONE at ANY AGE at ANY STAGE can reinvent their life.



Dionne is the creator of the powerful Conquering Unforgiveness Mastermind. She helps people who struggle with letting go of anger and resentment learn how to forgive the hard things so they can be set FREE, reclaim their POWER, JOY, and PEACE, and create deeper, more fulfilling relationships—especially with themselves.



She has been featured in Forbes Magazine, is a recurring guest on Negotiate Anything, the #1 negotiation podcast in the world, and a public speaker,  who has appeared as a panelist at the PayPal Headquarters Black Love & Economics Event 2023, and keynote speaker for the Hostos College Family Empowerment Program 2023 graduating class.


Dionne is a proud mother of one son and enjoys nature-living with her husband in Connecticut.

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