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Bebuo (Babe-woah) means to persevere.


Bebuo Christianne is named after my Nigerian grandmother and the famous newscaster Christianne Amanpour. I’ve wondered whether my name created opportunities for me to persevere or if that was just life doing its thing. (It's probably the latter.)


Let me share a bit about me and why I say that.

I began my journey with insecurity at the early age of six. (I began my journey with differences and race at the same age but we will save that story for another time.)


At the age of six, I was playing tag football with my brother and his friend when his friend’s mother walked up to me and told me I was ugly and that I shouldn’t play with her son.


Of course, at six, we can’t necessarily comprehend the meaning of certain words fully but we do emotionally feel and collect evidence for the world at that age. 

I held onto those words and they followed me throughout life. I built evidence for how she was right and my value based on how the world saw me and other external metrics. From that interaction and the interactions that followed, I began to believe a few things about myself:

  1. You are in fact undesirable and there’s really no changing that. You might improve slightly but you are inarguably ugly, unworthy, negatively different and something IS wrong with you.

  2. You can only …. experience incremental change but you’ll never be enough and regardless how drastic the change, there will always be something wrong. ….Quite the strong self-judgment muscle, I know. 

Imagine going through life with those stories, collecting evidence from every new experience. The truth is...we all have stories like these...and others! We walk around collecting evidence for the truth in our stories and we react to them accordingly.


As a coach, I support powerful people in breaking up these stories so they get to experience their life and leadership from a place of choice, creativity, play, and intentional action.

I won’t leave you hanging.  Fast forward to today, I’ve built up internal self-love that can’t be beaten and a hustler’s mentality as a coping mechanism. (It’s a good and a bad thing. Either way, I choose when to empower it and when to choose out of it.) To share a bit more, I started to build my worth through helping others during my early 20s until I had a breakthrough and realized that helping others to the extent of martyrdom was just that - martyrdom with a slither of codependency AND unfulfilling. This prompted a career pivot and great amounts of uncomfortable self-reflection and growth, which led me to professional coaching and my now expanding practice filled with leaders who kick butt in the boardroom but hunger for what's next.

It started with football, a play date, and a mom’s insecurities on loudspeaker.

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As a private certified Leadership And Life Coach since 2015 and a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, I bring over 2000+ hours of coaching experience to help individuals and teams achieve their highest potential. My academic background includes a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's in Social Work, providing a deep understanding of human behavior and social dynamics.I hold certifications in Ontological Coaching & Executive Coaching, enhancing my ability to facilitate meaningful change and growth. Before focusing on coaching, I worked as a social worker in multiple capacities, a restaurant operations manager and in children's services non-profits since 2014, specializing in behavioral assessments. This diverse background allows me to offer a unique and holistic approach to coaching and supporting clients in both personal and professional development.


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Fun Facts About Bebuo


I used to have a passion for building robots.  I dreamed of competing in robot wars.

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