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Meet The Team
Christine Sachs

All About Christine

Christine Sachs is a Master Certified Coach, Associated Certified Diversity Coach, coach trainer, international coaching competency evaluator, and international coach and facilitator. With clients throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, Christine is a much sought-after coach for individuals and organizations in search of leadership and team development.

Christine has been a featured speaker about various topics in the coaching, diversity, and transformational arenas, making her a key change agent for leaders who come to Christianne & Co. looking for support in making worldwide impact.

Christine's personal and professional mantra is "Disrupt the comfortable."  She believes that change (and the corresponding results) happens because we have the willingness to risk our own profit for our performance.  She would rather be in an uncomfortable conversation if it means propelling you forward to the results you want rather than telling you what is comfortable to hear.

In doing this, Christine has become a master at creating deep, intimate, and trusted relationships with a roster of high-level clients who are ready and willing to do the work.  Furthermore, she is committed to doing this work in her own life, knowing that where she stops in her development is where she becomes unable to help her clients leap forward.

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