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How we lead ourselves is how we lead the world.

Who We Are

At Christianne & Co. Coaching, we understand that effective leadership relies on emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Our experienced coaches will provide you with the tools and strategies to become a more effective leader. Join us in creating a ripple effect of grounded and reflective leaders around the world.

About Our Founder

Bebuo Christianne Ewa

Bebuo Christianne Ewa, MSW, PCC is a an executive coach, life coach, social worker, visionary, and a leader who creates spaces that make you feel seen, safe, held and heard. Her assessment and behavioral skills, growth and management experience, and accountability methods make her well-rounded and powerful support for executives who find themselves burned out or in need of new creative ways to think, lead or live powerfully.⁠

Bebuo is most known for her ability to deliver painful feedback in the most productive but humorous ways that clients grow to love and cherish.  Bebuo partners with clients to identify more impactful leadership skills that transition into higher revenue, increased retention rates, and higher rewards. These skills enhance the client’s leadership style and are also transformative and supportive for direct reports, peers, and the organization as a whole.⁠

Her greatest gift is her ability to create space for people to bring their authentic truths, so they can powerfully reflect and decide what’s next.


Meet Our Team

Our belief in the power of transformative leadership development is exemplified by our team is composed of leaders. Christianne & Co. hires a plethora of contract coaches with diverse backgrounds and coaching styles, possessing a range of expertise and certifications to support all types of leaders. Get to know the members of our team by clicking on their photo and see why we are a rising star in the world of executive and leadership development coaching.

What We Do

At Christianne & Co., we understand the importance of developing and retaining successful leaders. We strive to provide our clients with a whole business support system that not only promotes professional growth, but also prioritizes the wellbeing of individuals. Our unique approach to coaching focuses on the intersection of personal and professional development, resulting in opportunities for sustained growth and transformation. If you're looking for a partner to help you achieve your goals, both in the office and beyond, contact us today.


Life, Leadership, and Executive Coaching


Individual and Team/Group Coaching


Workshops and Seminars



Leadership Assessments and Feedback (including 360 Performance Evaluations)


Private In-House Retreats


Destination Restorative Wellness Retreats 



Coaching makes you more curious about the way you lead and live. It gives you access to possibilities outside of initial judgment and automatic meanings. Imagine a work culture led by powerful leaders who are self-aware, increasingly resilient and fully supported….

Coaching aids leaders in becoming more open and receptive to change and gives them space to be authentically seen.

The unique one-on-one impartial relationship and rapport built between coach and client allows for leaders to be challenged in a way that creates empowered change.

Leaders committed to their growth generate results with more rigor and clarity by working with a coach.

Managers, directors, VPs and SVPs find coaching a necessity on their paths to the c-suite or other professional and personal goals. Through coaching, they design their futures and identify the mental and experiential shifts required to execute their goals.

Bebuo is great! Her visual metaphors are something that stick with me vividly. Her text message check-ins throughout the week always keep me going and her humanity is what really is needed at key times. Great balance of challenge to forge ahead and support when it's needed.
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July 24th - 28th, 2024




A big component of The Power of Play is spending time in Mother Nature's Playground.  Taking time to nourish ourselves.  To explore.  Click below to learn more about Bebuo's signature coaching program - The Executive Playground Experience - and take the first step in your next grand adventure.

Worlds End South Africa
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March 1-9,


GET TO KNOW Coach Bebuo

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